Satvah:  implies substantial knowledge of Light and leads to human radiance, compassion and joy.

Divah:  Denotes the Divine. It symbolizes the everlasting female Creative cycle of life.

These ancient These ancient Sanskrit words express the inspiration for Satvah~Divah, a natural emergence from the world of musical and mystical adventures shared by these two songwriters.

Steven Larsen was just a kid in middle school and feeling the rebellion of youth when he tuned up his guitar to start playing in his first rock band. Soon luck found him adopted as a child prodigy, playing bass with a band of accomplished musicians, giving concerts in and around Hollywood. Then, in his teens, he was discovered by Destiny Inc. Rock Conservatory and began writing music for movie soundtracks. In the years to come, Steven became a doctor and opened an office in San Diego's Historic Gaslamp Quarter, staying close to the music scene. It was there he met Donna on stage. It was instant harmony and chemistry, coupled with musical intuitiveness and love. Donna's voice blends magically with Steven's as the two become one musically, in a very unique way. As they began composing together they felt, as you can hear, a union of masculine and feminine, hearts and minds in balance. Satvah~Divah.

Donna Larsen began playing her original music in coffee houses and clubs in San Diego, CA while still a teenager. As a talented young woman, the influence of the great, strong, and passionate singers inspired her as she formed her unique vocal style. Donna has cherished the experiences of performing in North America from Alaska to Oaxaca, Mexico, and in Europe from Prague to Budapest and Vienna. The richness of these varied cultures has contributed to her music becoming more insightful and spiritually centered. Donna is a Billboard Award Winning songwriter, and together with Steven produces music that is thought provoking, positive, and spiritually alive, always with a balance in mind. Satvah~Divah.

Currently Donna is in the recording studio with Steven producing the CD for "In My Own Backyard", a beautifully illustrated Children's Songbook written by Donna, which offers up heartwarming and imaginative songs about all that is real and fantasy, in a child's backyard. Swing from your favorite swing, watch a butterfly fly by, find the faeries that hide in the grass, take off with your friend Charlie the Dragon or join the circus! The characters and feelings that come to life in this musical journey written by Donna Larsen will take you right into the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

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